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Top Shades for Home Offices

There are many ways to make a home office a hub for your greatest ideas. This might mean having an accent wall that energizes you each morning. It might mean adding fresh flowers or greenery for a touch of nature that relaxes your eyes during your breaks from the screen. Even something as simple as a photo wall can inspire us to work hard. Of course, there is one more element that can take a home office from good to great: custom window treatments. This is especially important in our great state of Arizona, as the sun can shine intensely through our windows and heat up our offices or cause glare on our screens. Fortunately, Hunter Douglas has a variety of window treatments that are perfect for home offices. Read on to learn about our top shades for home offices.

Top Shades for Home Offices, Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades near Tucson, Arizona (AZ)

UV Protection

Creating the perfect home office is no easy feat. You probably spent hours finding the perfect shade of paint for the walls, the best décor that will help inspire ideas, and putting it all together in a way that feels nice and inspiring. That is why it would be such a bummer to let the bright, intense Arizona sun cause damage to your artwork, flooring, furniture, and any other pieces that might be constantly exposed to the sun. Fortunately, Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades block harmful UV rays while maintaining your outside views. These are just a few reasons why these are one of our top shades for home offices.

Reduce Glare

When it comes to your office, odds are you have a lot of screens. This might mean that you are looking at a laptop that you carry around your office to change up the scenery every so often instead of sitting in one place. This might also mean that you are landlocked at your desk, as you have several monitors set up to help you see everything clearly. Regardless of the set up, you probably have to deal with glare at some point in the day. Since that Arizona hot is only going to get more intense as the summer months roll in, do you want a window treatment that will block glare and allow you to see your screen clearly.  That is why another one of the top shades for home offices are either Silhouette® Window Shadings that gently filter light through its S-shaped vanes or Solera® Soft Shades combine the look of a Roman shade with the construction of an energy-efficient cellular shade for glare control and comfort.


Have you ever been in the middle of a meeting and the sun start shining in such a way that makes you look like your entire face is pale white? You can’t exactly get up and leave the meeting, especially if you’re interviewing or presenting something. However, having such a bright light shine down on you can distract you from what you’re talking about. Plus, it can distract those who are talking to you. Fortunately, Hunter Douglas offers automated window shadings that can adjust at the sound your voice, the click of a button, or the touch of your smart device’s screen. With PowerView® Automation uses the PowerView® App, Pebble® Control, and your favorite compatible smart-home devices to adjust your shades without you having to get up and manually shut them.


To learn more about the top shades for home offices, be sure to contact or visit us today at The Blind Guys. We are located in Tucson, Arizona, and proudly serve the surrounding area.