Types of Plantation Shutters

Because the basic style of plantation shutters has not changed much over the years, it may come as a surprise to homeowners that there are different types of plantation shutters to choose from. The Blind Guys, your number one choice for plantation shutters in Tucson, Arizona, want to describe the differences between all of the available Hunter Douglas plantation shutters to allow you to make the best decision for your windows in your home or office.


Heritance® Hardwood Shutters area great choice if you are in the market for authentic hardwood shutters. This plantation-style shutter is crafted from genuine wood and is constructed to withstand the test of time. Heritance® shutters feature Truemill® dovetail construction, one of the toughest forms of joinery available. This style of joinery gives Heritance® shutters optimum strength at their joints. These shutters are offered in widths of 12 to 312 inches, heights of 12 to 116 inches, and can fit specialty window shapes if needed. In addition to your sizing options, Heritance® shutters are offered in a wide range of stylish but classic stains and an even wider selection of paint choices. After you have chosen your paint or stain color, these colors can be accentuated with one of six artisan techniques that will enhance the beauty of the wood. Finished with multiple coats of Integra™ finish for added durability and luster, Heritance® shutters make a great choice for any room. You can also custom stain hardwood shutters to match your existing wood.


NewStyle™ Hybrid Shutters are the perfect choice if you need something with a little more strength. NewStyle™ shutters blend the look of genuine hardwood with synthetic materials for a beautiful and tough window treatment. Crafted with the use of UltraGrain™ technology, these hybrid shutters will have that beautiful, grain-like finish for a natural beauty that mimics the appearance of traditional hardwood. Featuring Truemill® construction, one of the oldest and strongest forms of joinery in woodworking, these shutters will last. NewStyle™ shutters are available in widths of 12 to 288 inches, heights of 12 to 116 inches, and can fit specialty shapes if needed. Aside from the sizing customizations, NewStyle™ shutters are available in ten colors, all finished with a low luster, FineTech® finish to even farther mimic the appearance of real wood, while providing a lasting finish that makes for simpler cleaning and even more durability.

Palm Beach™

Palm Beach™ Polysatin Shutters are the ideal plantation shutter for indoor and outdoor use. Crafted with UV resistant, polysatin compounds, these shutters are guaranteed not to crack, warp, chip, fade, peel, or lose their color, regardless of the weather conditions in your area. Reinforced at their joints with resin and aluminum bracing, Palm Beach™ shutters are as durable as you can get. Palm Beach™ shutters are offered in widths of 10 to 284 inches, heights of 12 to 120 inches, and can fit specialty shapes if needed. With four bright, beautiful colors to choose from, completed with Duralux™, these shutters will look surprisingly comparable to a classic painted plantation shutter. In addition to providing the look of a painted shutter, Duralux™ finish offers dent and scratch resistance and makes it so your shutters will never have to be stained, sanded, or repainted for as long as you have them.

If you have more questions about these plantation shutters, contact the experts at The Blind Guys and we will help you with choosing the perfect plantation shutter for your home or office.