Types of Interior Shades

Adding shades to help block the summer sun is a fashionable and efficient choice this season and Hunter Douglas offers a wide variety of products to fit all your needs. From cellular to roller designs, choosing the best shade for a stylish window treatment has never been easier, and with the help from The Blind Guys, you never have to wonder if you’re selecting the correct one. Take a look at the different types of Hunter Douglas shades and the benefits they can add to your home today.

Roller Shades

When you think of summer, relaxation and luxury come to mind, and the same should be said not only for your vacation time but for your home as well. With the simple touch of a hand, you can comfortably raise or lower roller shades and adjust them at any height for added light or more privacy. If you’re seeking motorized shades in Tucson AZ, these shades pair well with several motorized systems available to help make your life simple. Hunter Douglas offers their new Custom Clutch sleek roller shades that reflect modern style with the ability to adequately cover your windows. The new lift technology utilized by Custom Clutch allows for smooth and easy operation with a headrail cover for a more visually appealing treatment. For even more flair, Custom Clutch can be paired with bottom treatments that reflect your style or home décor or you can select a roller shade from the Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades that offer modern printed patterns and unique designs to spice up your home’s interior. If you want an elegant appearance yet still like the idea of simple roller shades, The Alustra® Collection of Roller Shades feature a dual roller and high quality fabrics to make this line of Hunter Douglas products even more lavish.

Honeycomb Shades

Along with the abundant sunshine during summer comes the heat and humidity. Since up to 70% of your cool air is lost exteriorly to windows, making sure you choose an energy efficient shade can help save energy costs and keep your home cool all summer long. The Hunter Douglas line of Honeycomb Shades provide ample coverage for your window treatments with their unique cellular design that layers your windows with fabric to keep cool air in and warm temperatures out. These shades also offer a double honeycomb design that is constructed of two cells that not only traps air more efficiently but also provides an extra layer of insulation, making these already sound absorbent treatments even more effective for a quiet home. Whether you choose the triple cell Applause® series for their colorful fabrics, the energy efficient Duette® or Duette® Architella® line, or perhaps the modern and bold Pleated design, the Hunter Douglas line of HoneyComb shades can insulate your home fashionably this summer.

Roman Shades

There isn’t a more distinguishable window treatment known for sophistication and elegance than the Hunter Douglas Roman Shades. With their signature 4” or 6” folds, the Vignette® Roman Shade comes in a variety of colors and fabric by the yard, which can also be used for accent décor throughout your home. If you’re looking for a Roman Shade with sound absorption and extra insulation, the Architella® Vignette® offers both along with superior UV protection, similar to the Solera® line, which are constructed with cellular technology much like the Hunter Douglas Honeycomb shades and offer great UV protection and sound absorption as well. If you seek creativity and want your home to appear lively, the Design Studio™ series of Roman Shades can help you achieve the look you desire with bold colored fabrics as well as numerous tapes and trims for additional décor. Add a valance for even more style or a light controlled lining to help block the sun’s harmful UV rays, and the Design Studio™ Roman Shade becomes a highlight inside your home. For more on Hunter Douglas shades in Tucson AZ and choosing the correct style for you and your home, contact the friendly staff at The Blind Guys for consultation and installation for any season.