Types of Blinds

The first decision that comes to mind when buying blinds in Tucson, Arizona is “horizontal or vertical?” But there is so much more to blinds than just their orientation. You also need to consider what you want your blinds to be made of, what size you want the slats to be and how you’ll want to operate them.


Horizontal blinds open from bottom to top, or top to bottom, making them perfect for single-hung or double hung windows that operate the same way. Vertical blinds move from side to side and provide excellent coverage for taller windows, windows that open to one side, and sliding glass doors. Both horizontal and vertical blinds can be opened completely for an unobstructed view, closed with the vanes still open for a partial view and filtered light, or closed completely to darken a room and provide privacy.

Types of Materials

Wood – Nothing adds warmth and a natural feel to a room like wood. The wood grain in each slat gives subtle texture to a window without competing with other patterns and the wood can be stained in a variety of colors or painted.
Faux Wood – As their name implies, faux wood blinds look like wood but are actually manufactured. They come in fewer color options. The benefit to faux wood blinds is their ability to resist warping or cracking, even in strong sunlight or humid conditions. This material is used in both vertical and horizontal blinds.
Aluminum – Aluminum blinds have come a long way since the days of paper-thin slats getting bent and never looking the same again. If the slats do get bumped, they go back to their original shape. DustShieldÔ, offered only by Hunter Douglas, actually repels dust, making these aluminum blinds a snap to keep clean. Aluminum is used for both horizontal and vertical blinds.
Vinyl – Vinyl is used for vertical blinds and differs from faux wood in that it is thinner and comes in a variety of textures and patterns.
Fabric – Also used exclusively for vertical blinds, fabric offers unlimited colors and patterns and brings a softness to your sliding doors and tall windows.

Slat Size

The width of the slats on your horizontal or vertical blinds can affect the look and the view. When open, wider slats offer a less-obstructed view because there are fewer of them in each window. Narrower slats can give a more contemporary look and provide more privacy and shade even when open.

Operating Options

Today’s vertical and horizontal blinds can be operated in several different ways. Traditional cord operation is still a popular choice. For those who like cords if they aren’t too long, there are retractable cords, which always stay the same length. To avoid cords altogether, consider using a wand for vertical blinds, and LiteRiseÒ  or SimpleLiftÔ systems for horizontal blinds. If high-tech is your thing, PowerViewÒ Motorization allows you to operate your blinds with a remote control, smart phone, or tablet.

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