Smart Motorized Window Treatments: Introducing PowerView

As a parent, you may be okay with your children being smarter than you. But how about your window treatments? With the PowerView® system from Hunter Douglas, your blinds or shades may just outsmart you!

What is PowerView?

PowerView is a system that automates your window treatments, making them easier to open, close, or tilt no matter where they – or you – are located.

How does PowerView Work?

With the PowerView system, a small motor is installed at the top of the automated window covering, often behind a headrail or other type of valance. This motor moves your shade, blind, or sheer based on the instruction given by you through a wall switch, remote control, smartphone, tablet, or whole-house automation system. The motor runs on batteries conveniently located in a battery pack, making them easy to replace every year or so. Because the motor is battery-operated, no wiring is needed, so installation is quick and easy.

What Can I Use to Operate My Motorized Window Treatments?

There are a variety of ways to operate your PowerView window treatments:

Pebble Remote Control – This remote gives you the ability to set six different groupings of window treatments to move separately or together by touching one button. Each selected motorized shade or blind will be raised or lowered to exactly the right height at the same time, saving you from moving them all separately and trying to get them in the right position every time.

Pebble Scene Controller – Using the PowerView app and this remote, you can set window treatment “scenes” for multiple rooms. If you enjoy waking up to daylight, program your remote to open your bedroom blinds when the “morning scene” is selected. If you prefer privacy at night, create a setting that lowers all of your window treatments during the evening hours.

Wall Switch – If you can’t stand the thought of one more remote sitting around, or if you want to keep your little ones from adjusting your window treatments, the PowerView Surface is the answer. It takes the power of either type of Pebble Remote and mounts it on a wall, keeping it off your coffee table and away from curious fingers.

Mobile Device – PowerView allows you to use your tablet or smartphone to operate your automated window treatments from pretty much anywhere. With the PowerView App, you can program your window treatments to automatically open or close every day based on your local sunrise and sunset. Or create your own daily window treatment schedule. If you don’t like a set schedule, or if your lighting and privacy needs change regularly, you can adjust your blinds whenever you like with your mobile device. With the ability to control your window coverings anywhere there is Wi-Fi; you’re able to move them even when you’re at the office, out to dinner, or on vacation.

Whole Home Automation – If you’ve already embraced whole-house automation technology, adding motorized window treatments is a breeze. PowerView by Hunter Douglas is compatible with numerous systems.

Overwhelmed by the possibilities? Don’t be. Let The Blind Guys guide you through the process of selecting, installing, and programming new motorized blinds for your home in Tucson, Arizona.