Home Automation and Your Motorized Window Treatments

Do you have a whole house home automation system in your Tucson, Arizona home? Make the convenience complete by adding motorized window treatments.

Adding Motorized Window Treatments to Home Automation System

Motorized window treatments from Hunter Douglas can be easily added to many of the most popular home automation systems, including IFTTT, Logitech, Nest, Control 4, and others. The PowerView Hub, available with all PowerView® systems, links your preset window covering scenes with the rest of your automation. Connectivity can be done within the home’s network or in the cloud. Different brands require different drivers and setups, and Hunter Douglas provides the driver links to many of the most popular home automation brands. Any connectivity issues should be easily resolved with a call to your home automation expert.

The Benefits of Including Motorized Window Treatments with Home Automation

One of the biggest benefits of having an automated home is being able to control multiple items in your home from one place and at the same time. You can control your lights, security system, garage doors, even televisions with one device. By adding your motorized blinds or shades, you are subtracting one more thing that you have to do manually. And with window treatments throughout your home, adjusting them individually is time-consuming and frustrating. Having them automated means being able to do multiple windows or rooms at one time, having them all end up at the same height, and having the slats or vanes of blinds or sheers all tilted to the same degree.

Motorized window treatments are already more convenient than manual ones, and having them linked to the same program and device as the other automated items in your home is even better. If you have scenes already set for your lights and television, adding your motorized shades or sheers just makes sense. For example, your TV watching setting is already programmed to turn on the TV and dim the lights. Include closing your motorized blinds with the setting and you are ready to enjoy your favorite show within seconds. When it’s time to get up in the morning, have the vanes of your automated sheers turn to let the light in as your radio turns on and your thermostat adjusts to warm the room.

Having motorized blinds as part of your home automation system is a plus even when you aren’t home. After your garage door automatically closes and your alarm system sets itself, deter burglars even further by having your window coverings change positions throughout the day. Or if you’re on vacation, have them move throughout the week or two that you are gone.

If you have a home automation system, or are thinking about getting one, and you’d like more information about motorized window treatments, come visit The Blind Guys at our Tucson, Arizona showroom or give us a call at (520) 798-2208. We’ll be happy to tell you about the whole house systems that are compatible with PowerView, the types of window treatments that can be motorized, and which ones will work best in your home.