Hinge Placement for Shutters

Though most people are accustomed to the classic, fully attached shutter with adjustable louvers, plantation shutters can be hung in many ways that will all add a fresh look to a room. Let The Blind Guys, the experts on plantation shutters in Tucson, Arizona, introduce you to some unique ways to operate and hang your plantation shutters to really accentuate your home or office.

Bi-Fold Track

The Bi-Fold Track operation system is an excellent choice for a wide open appearance. This operation system allows you to operate up to six panels that are all hinged together. These panels are connected to a top track. They glide along this track and the track guides their movement to allow you to open and close your shutters easily. This particular operation system allows you to open your windows without any obstruction in your view. Keep in mind that when these panels hinge together when open they do stick out on the sides of your window frame, so they would not be the best choice for rooms with limited space. This operation system is available with all of Hunter Douglas’ plantation shutter styles.

Bypass Track

The Bypass Track operation system is the perfect choice if you want a less obstructed view but do not have the space to operate the bi-fold system. This operation system allows the shutter panels to slide past each other on the open louver bypass system. The system allows the louvers of your windows to remain open while sliding or stacking your panels, maximizing your panoramic view. This operation system is available on all of Hunter Douglas’ plantation shutter styles.

Hinged Panels

The Hinged Panel operation system is one of the more common plantation shutter systems. This operation system connects one side of a panel to the window frame, allowing you to open the window wide, with an unobstructed view. In addition to being hinged on the sides and opening from the middle, these panels can also be hinged from the top or bottom which allows you to open your windows from the bottom or the top depending on your preference of hinge placement. If you choose to hinge your panels from the sides, be prepared to keep your walls decoration free around the windows so the panels can open fully. This not only makes your room look open and inviting, but it will add decoration to your walls. This operation system is available on all of Hunter Douglas’ plantation shutter styles.

Café Style

Café style plantation shutters will give your home a unique appearance in that the top half of your window will not be covered, only the bottom. This style is ideal for rooms where a lot of light is needed, like kitchens and dining rooms. This style of shutter will not offer as much sunlight control or insulation but will beautifully let in light while keeping your room looking stylish and renewed.

Double Hung

Lastly, a double hung plantation shutter will achieve the opposite of café style shutters in that they offer the most adjustability for sunlight. The top and bottom halves of the shutter are operated by two different mechanisms, separate from one another, so you control exactly where and how much light enters your home. This style is ideal for bathrooms and family rooms where lots of light is good but privacy is also needed.

If you have any more questions about the wide range of ways to operate and style your plantation shutters, contact the design experts at The Blind Guys and we can help you make the best decision for your needs.