5 Advantages of Motorized Window Treatments

Everything seems automated nowadays. Tasks that used to take effort or required you to go somewhere can now be done with the touch of a button. As a matter of fact, even your window treatments can be automated, which we think is pretty advantageous for several reasons.

Motorized Window Treatments… Simplify Your Life

Convenience – Do you find yourself walking around your home every morning, closing your blinds or shades before the sun starts heating things up, then walking the same path to open them in the evening? We think you could be doing better things with your time. With motorized window treatments, you can open or close multiple window treatments at one time with one remote, even in different rooms. Better yet, use the PowerView app to set your blinds or shades to close when the sun rises and open when the sun sets and you don’t even have to push a button each day.

No more reaching – We’re betting you have some blinds in your home that haven’t been adjusted since they were installed. Stuck in a window too high to reach, or behind a couch or chair, these window treatments just stay in the same position, forever open or closed. If these out-of-reach blinds were motorized, you could adjust them any time you wanted. Automation would allow you to open, close, and even tilt the slats, on these neglected window treatments.

Your home looks occupied – We all love taking vacations, but there is always the concern, that someone may realize our home is empty and take advantage of the situation. With window treatment motorization you can change the position of your shades with your mobile device anywhere there is a wi-fi connection, making it look like your home is occupied and sending would-be thieves packing even when your hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Energy EfficiencyMotorized shades are not just convenient, they can also help lower utility costs, which are definitely a concern in the summer months in Arizona. Window treatments that were once out of reach can now be adjusted to block out the heat or let in the evening sun. If you forgot to close your shades before leaving for work, you can do it remotely so your home isn’t filling with hot sunlight while you are gone.

No cords or wands – Many people with children or pets worry about them getting tangled in cords or playing with the wands that operate their window treatments. Motorized blinds eliminate the need for cords or wands, making them both safer and less tempting to little ones, furry or otherwise. It also solves the problem of long cords being unsightly or becoming tangled when your blinds are open.

The Blind Guys of Tucson, Arizona carry a full line of motorized window treatments. Stop by the shop or schedule an appointment for us to come to your home and introduce you to all of the advantages these automated systems have to offer.